The Books of Judges and Ruth


The Book of Judges is one of the historical books of the Old Testament and is the chief source of our information concerning the historical period which it covers. The book clearly reveals the sinfulness and the rebellion which characterized the majority of the children of Israel during the Judges period. This lawlessness is summarized in the key verse of the book, “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes,” 17:6; 21:25. In contrast to the unfaithfulness and the disobedience of the Israelites seen in The Book of Judges, The Book of Ruth reveals the faithfulness and the obedience of a remnant of Israelites during the same period. Because the events of The Book of Ruth took place during the time period covered by The Book of Judges and because each of these books takes a contrasting view of the state of the Israelites during this period, it is fitting that they should be grouped together and studied together.

Because of his knowledge of the total plan of the Scriptures and because of his prayerful and intense study of the books of Judges and Ruth, Mr. Gingrich is eminently qualified to write this commentary on these two books. Especially helpful to the reader is Mr. Gingrich’s outline form and his comments found in his “some noteworthy things.” This commentary truly brings to life the history recorded in the books of Judges and Ruth and will bless all who read its pages.

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