The Book of Ezekiel


The book of Ezekiel is one of the most neglected of all the Bible’s prophetical books. It is difficult to read and comprehend because of its apocalyptic style and thought. Ezekiel uses more symbols and allegories than any other Old Testament prophet, which adds to the confusion of the casual Bible reader. Once again Rev. Roy Gingrich has manifested his God-given ability to simplify difficult Bible books and to help the average reader to understand and appreciate their contents. The difficulties in Ezekiel are soon removed when Mr. Gingrich’s introduction is read and his concise but comprehensive outline is carefully followed.

The skillful arrangement of the material in his commentaries makes them suitable to be used in the classroom, in the pulpit, or in the home. The spiritual quality and the structural excellence of this outline commentary on Ezekiel is on par with the author’s other writings, all of which are going out to ever-widening circles.

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