The Books of Micah and Nahum


These pre-captivity books, Micah and Nahum, are very seldom read or taught. If it were not for the prophecy concerning the place of our Lord’s birth (Micah 5:2) and, as some see it, the prophecy of the automobile (Nahum 2:4), few people would know of their existence in the Old Testament canon. Originally the twelve Minor Prophets were grouped together into one scroll to keep them from getting lost because of their shortness in length. Their smallness in size may readily be contrasted with the greatness of their message. The central theme found in both Micah and Nahum is the certainty of awesome judgment upon the wicked and of ultimate deliverance for the righteous. This teaching found in Micah and Nahum gives Christians great comfort today, for it reminds us that someday the tables will be turned. Our enemies will be humbled and punished while we will be delivered and rewarded. A knowledge of and a reminder of these great truths give us patience in the midst of our present sufferings and tribulations.

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