The Books of I, II, III, John and Jude


The four studies which are found in this book will command the attention of a wide circle of readers and indeed will repay this attention. This book contains an introduction to, and an outlined commentary on, four New Testament books, I John, II John, III John, and Jude. These for stimulating epistles are a part of the group of New Testament letters which are usually called the “Catholic” or the “General” epistles.

Truth is many-sided. We grasp it more readily when it is presented by a number of teachers, each possessing a different personality, so God gave us New Testament truth through a plurality of human authors. A part of the writings of two of these authors, John and Jude, are studied in this book. John represents Mystical Christianity while Jude represents Judaic Christianity. John is the apostle of love and personal experience; Jude is the apostle of vigilance and warning. Neither writer neglects nor minimizes doctrine but each stresses practical conduct which should issue from correct doctrine.

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