The Millenium


The subject of this book, the Millennium, is a subject of great importance to me because of the cross currents of eschatological theology that vie for our attention and approval today. I look upon Amillennial eschatology as a no-hope eschatology, upon Postmillennial eschatology as an unrealistic-hope eschatology, and upon Premillennial eschatology as a real-hope eschatology. Premillennial eschatology not only offers a real hope for the future through its teachings of the visible return of Christ and the personal reign of Jesus Christ over this earth for 1000 years but it also makes provision for the literal fulfillment of God’s Old Testament promises to Israel, which promises are given only a spiritual fulfillment in Amillennial and Postmillennial eschatology, a fulfillment that weakens our faith in the promises of the Bible.

It is my wish and prayer that God will use this book, The Millennium, by Roy Gingrich, to enlighten those Christians who do not know the great truths concerning the Millennium and to refresh and bless those Christians who are already acquainted with these truths.

—from the Introduction, Jimmy Latimer, Senior Pastor, Central Church, Chancellor, Crichton College, Memphis, TN

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