The Book of Hebrews


Few Christians read the book of Hebrews, few pastors preach from the book, and even fewer pastors teach through the book, yet the book of Hebrews has a vital message to the church today. Just as the addressees of the book were tempted in their trials and testings to turn from Christ and the teachings of the New Covenant, even so are Christian today tempted in their trials and testings to turn from Christ and His final revelation to man. The book of Hebrews powerfully exhorts and encourages us not to go back to that from which we were called but to go on to the full realization of God’s promises to His children.

Brother Gingrich has once again given to us a tremendous commentary in outline form. The introduction to the book is comprehensive though concise and it fully prepares the reader for a thorough grasp of the book. In a masterful way, the author skillfully and Biblically harmonizes the bona fide warnings of the book with the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. The author is to be highly commended for his stand on the inerrancy of Scripture and his honest exegesis of the text. This commentary will be a tremendous encouragement to pastors today who spend much of their time in warning their people against apostasy and in encouraging them to go on to Christian maturity. It will also be a tremendous help to all those who study the Bible for personal edification.

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