The Book of Leviticus


(from the Introduction)

The theme of the Book of Leviticus is holiness, and every Christian should be striving for holiness in his daily life. This book, through its typical tabernacle, its typical priesthood, its typical tabernacle service, and its typical holy days, symbolically teaches us the way into the presence of the all-holy God and the way to daily maintain our fellowship with this all-holy God. In spite of the fact that many blessed truths concerning acceptable worship and acceptable service are taught in the Book of Leviticus, few are the commentators who write on this book and few are the Christians who really study this book.

Brother Gingrich’s exegesis of the Book of Leviticus is a work that will unlock truths that will have a lasting effect in the lives of many Christians. His labors for the Lord on this book will be greatly appreciated by all Christians who seek a deeper understanding of God’s word and a closer walk with the divine author of this word.

—Sam D. Wiley, Deacon, Central Church, Memphis, TN

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