The Book of Exodus


(from the Introduction)

The book of Exodus deals with the redemption and guidance of God’s people at a point in time, but people in general, and Israel in particular, need redemption and guidance in these last days. It has been my privilege to lead college students in a study of “The History of Modern Israel” and a study of the book of Exodus is of great value in understanding the events now taking place in Israel and in all of the Middle East. This commentary on Exodus by Brother Roy Gingrich will be used by me in the future in the teaching of “The History of Modern Israel.”

This book on Exodus is another of Doctor Gingrich’s excellent studies of the books of the Bible. I strongly recommend it to all Bible students and Bible history students.

—Raymond Waddell, Ed.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Crichton College, Memphis, TN

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