The Book of Revelation


The Book of Revelation, a book that has puzzled many devout Christians, is at the same time a proper subject of serious study on the part of a believer. There are some men who would discourage the study of The Book of Revelation because they say this book has suffered from so much misinterpretation.

Indeed, as Christians, we are obligated to study The Book of Revelation: first, because it is a part of the Holy Scriptures; second, because it promises a special blessing to those who read it or hear it read, Rev. 1:3; and third, because God explicitly tells us, in this book, that He wishes to show us these truths: “The Revelation shortly come to pass,” Rev. 1:1. Indeed, on eight different occasions,Rev. 1:14:117:121:921:1022:122:622:8, The Book of Revelation stresses the fact that God desires to “show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass.” This analytical study of Revelation by Mr. Gingrich deserves careful study. It will enable the earnest student, along with the Bible, to secure a solid grasp of The Book of Revelation.

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