The Gospel of John


Probably no other portion of Scripture has been studied more diligently, or with greater blessing, than has The Gospel of John. The Apostle’s explicit purpose for writing was “that ye might believe.” Soul winners everywhere use this gospel in presenting the gospel of salvation to unbelievers. John’s presentation of Jesus Christ as God’s Son is so deep and vast that it challenges and blesses every believer and the greatest of Bible scholars.

This outline begins with a helpful and interesting introduction to John’s gospel. The gospel itself is then presented as it was written, chronologically. Many helpful observations, remarks, and practical lessons are given as the outline is developed. Because of its indisputable testimony to the deity of Jesus Christ, John’s gospel has been a favorite target for liberal critics for many years. Mr. Gingrich, however, defends this gospel as being that very Word of God. Using the literal, historical, and grammatical method of interpretation, he carefully exegetes every paragraph of the text. His approach is free of sectarian bias.

Without hesitation, this outline is recommended to any person who desires to make a study of The Gospel of John. It will be especially useful to anyone who plans to teach a home Bible class or who leads in a group study of John’s gospel. This outline would be a handy and useful tool in any pastor’s study.

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